Project Live Your Life

Guess what…..



Please please PLEASE vote for me to help promote body diversity in American Eagle’s Back to School campaign. Fantastic people win every year, but they always look like the models AE would hire anyway. I want to break that tradition and be the first size 12 model for their campaign. Click here to go to my profile or on the Live Your Life widget on the left sidebar. You can sign in with your Facebook account and click the little hearts to “love” my photos, which counts as a vote. Don’t worry, it doesn’t post anything on your Facebook without your permission.








Dress: H&M
Trench: American Eagle (beautiful version here)
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Shasa

In celebration of Project Live Your Life, I wore my favorite AE trench that has such a charming J.Crew-esque lining. I received this necklace as a gift for my birthday and oh my god do I feel like I need to be dressed as an Egyptian princess. It’s so pretty and heavy like armor. I love it.

I would appreciate your support for helping me achieve this longtime dream of mine. I keep track of the campaign every year and I never have the confidence to enter. This ends now.

Have a great Monday and thank you for reading.



4 thoughts on “Project Live Your Life

  1. Ack just re-read this and realized I didn’t comment the first time! Honestly, always have too many tabs open in my browser.

    Congrats – big congrats on and massive kudos for entering! I don’t have a facebook account but I hope people support each other instead of just voting for people they know and the popular choices, and that people see you as a lovely representation of a realistic and more common size group. All the best!


    • You are so fantastic. Thank you for your support. I read the contest rules again and found out votes only matter for the weekly contests and American Eagle will decided from all entries at the end of the five weeks. I hope I’m considered.


      • Shucks that’s ok :-)

        I’m very glad that they’ll be looking at all the entries, so many fb contests turn into popularity point scoring and the merit of the entries takes a back seat. I hope they consider entries fairly as well and think outside of the box.

        All the best!


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