Stupid? Cute? Stupid cute?

A lot of my favorite stores have started to introduce their spring line, and I’m excited about a lot of the pretty pastel leather dresses and rose gold sandals I’ve been seeing. But some items are confusing. I can’t decide if they’re stupid, cute, or stupid cute. As in it looks so stupid that it’s cute:

Stupid Cute - Spring

1. Jeffrey Campbell Rakel Platform Sandal
2. American Eagle Soft Pant
3. Zara Long-Sleeve Dress

To be honest, I actually really like the soft pants. I mean, c’mon, they’re called soft pants. They’re pajamas you can wear outside. Get in my closet.

I think I was most convinced by how cute they’re styled on AE’s blog.


See what I mean?

What do you think? Stupid? Cute? So stupid that it’s cute?


4 thoughts on “Stupid? Cute? Stupid cute?

  1. I loooove pants like this. I have a few pairs and they are so easy to just throw on, and it LOOKS like you put effort in even though… you didnt of course.

    And those JC sandals are pretty tame for that brand!


    • They remind me of a cuter, full-length gaucho pant. Super comfortable, maybe not for everyone. I definitely have my eye on the chevron print pair, though.

      And yes, those sandals are on the mild side for JC! I guess I was more surprised to see so many 90’s style platform sneakers and sandals online. Totally Spice Girls friendly.


    • It’s fantastic. When Brandy Melville introduced the pajama-style shorts last summer, I was skeptical. Light fabrics and paisley prints are becoming public-friendly and it’s awesome.


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