I need a tote.

I have devoted the past week to obsessively looking at possible totes en route to work. I’m tired of having to carry my lunch, a book, an umbrella and all the rest of my crap in my hands. Who does that? Me. I do that.

Totes McGotes

1. Medium MAB Tote: Rebecca Minkoff
2. Inside-Out-Pocket Tote: Kate Spade Saturday
3. Medium Jet Set Saffiano Travel Tote: Michael Kors

Look how pretty! And structured!

I am leaning towards the Kate Spade Saturday Tote simply because Chelsea from Zipped wears it so well. I lack her casual cool style and long stature, but look at the organization.

Do you have any tote recommendations? Which is your favorite?


6 thoughts on “Tote-ally

  1. I have had the Kate bag since July last year and it does it all. Phone, Ipad, metrocard/ID badge, pens (Le Pens work best in the holders) and the longer pocket keeps my eraser and lead refills. In the inside pocket, I throw in my power stick to keep my devices powered with needing an outlet and i attach my keys to the ring on the pocket. I do keep a small (tiny) umbrella at all times but don’ like that I ned to carry my water bottle or coffee thermos. That is the only drawback!
    So, I say go with the Kate. Too many folks have the MK bag, make a statement, stand out and take in all the compliments that come with ownership.


    • THANK YOU. I do see the MK bag everywhere, and I assumed it’s because it’s a trustworthy bag. But you’re right, the Kate Spade bag is unique and is definitely useful since I carry my life with me to the office. It also has the best price tag. I appreciate your review!


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