TV Finds: Ja’mie Private School Girl

This show, y’all. This show. 

I can’t.

Thanks to my friend, Nicky for recommending it to me, I have finally watched the first three episodes of Ja’mie Private School Girl and I can’t get enough. Played by Chris Lilley, Ja’mie King is a sassy multi-talented school girl who hates fat lesbians and chin acne. You need to grow some tits if this show offends you. I love this unique Australian comedy series and it is my new favorite thing in existence right now.

It is so hilariously odd that I was very surprised to be smitten with Ja’mie’s party outfit.


It’s so girly and shiny that I couldn’t help but love it. I don’t usually wear yellow, but I would if it meant I would attract all the quiche boys at Kelton Grammar.

Ja'mie approved

From left to right:
Cooperative Metallic Tapestry Fit & Flare Dress
Misha Goldie Dress
Retro Curtain Dress

My favorite part of her outfit is her metallic blazer. It hits at her waist and looks so damn cute over her yellow fit and flare jacquard dress. Here are my picks to pair with your yellow frock.


From left to right:
Perlen Metallic Blazer
Ella Moss Blazer
10 Crosby Derek Lam Metallic Blazer

If you’re open to blunt, offensive humor, this show may be for you. I’m a fan of creative insults and Ja’mie delivers.

I think TV Finds are my favorite kind of posts so if you’ve spotted an outfit or item in your favorite show that you would like me to research, let me know!


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