Please tell me you transition your nail polish with the seasons. I wouldn’t dare wear a bright pink polish in December, and you won’t find any of the following colors on my nails in the spring.


Much like a dark lip, a dark or jewel toned nail polish in the fall and winter is just stunning. The following four nail polishes are my picks for the Fall/Winter and are just good, no-chip polishes that are opaque with only one coat. I applied two coats in my swatches.

Zoya – Neve

Nailtini – Caviar Cocktail

OPI – In the Cable Car-Pool Lane

Nailtini – Bloody Mary

What are your favorite Fall/Winter nail polishes?


3 thoughts on “Painted

  1. I tend to choose darker colours during autumn and winter, too. However, every now and then I also like to wear a bright polish because I sometimes need a pop of colour.
    I really like berry and red shades, dark greens and blues for this season.


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