Living in Sin

If a makeup artist held an airbrush foundation gun to my head and demanded to know my favorite eyeshadow color, I already know my answer.

Sin by Urban Decay is a shimmery champagne gold color that works great as a base for other eyeshadows or looks stunning on its own. I first tried Sin when I bought the Ammo Palette several years ago, and I have since used up the whole pan. I was ready to purchase a new one until I saw Urban Decay’s new Primer Potion in Sin. A primer and my favorite eyeshadow color in one? Gimme.

DSC01698Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin

I have oily eyelids, so I use the NARS Eyeshadow Base regularly. I bought this primer primarily for the shade, but have been impressed with its staying power. I have been using it for a week and have not experienced a crease in my shadow, even in 80 degree humid Houston weather.

Sin flash no flashIt has made my eyeshadow more vibrant with less application, and my shadow blends without much effort. It’s difficult to cover your lid with a light matte shadow without the shimmer poking through, so I advise using darker eyeshadow if you plan to use this solely as a primer.

Alright, the airbrush gun is against your head now. What’s your favorite eyeshadow color and would you use it as a primer?


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