Coat Crushes

During my coat hunt I have come across three that I can’t seem to stop visiting on a daily basis as if they are puppies in a pet store window.

Coat Crushes

Coat #1: Colette Trench (Anthropologie)

Coat #2: City-Chic Peacoat (Forever 21)

Fit-and-Flare Wool Coat (Banana Republic)

I am most attracted to the Colette Trench from Anthropologie simply because of the peplum detail. The wool coat is girly and sophisticated without looking bulky. It’s similar to the Banana Republic coat, and seems more appropriate for winter in Houston since the coldest we get is a chilly 50, maybe 45 degrees.

Despite my affinity for the cream coats, my basic instinct to wear black is satisfied with the peacoat from Forever 21. The buttons and cut of the lapel add boldness that keeps it from being another boring black coat. I like that it hits at the hip which is perfect for wearing with skirts.

Which coats have you been crushing on?


4 thoughts on “Coat Crushes

  1. I work at antrho and I can’t tell you how much torture it is to have to hang up that coat every day and not own it for myself! It’s so gorgeous in person and so soft too!


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